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Mars Reflector 48 LED Grow Light+27''×27''×63''Grow Tent Indoor Plant Veg Flower

Mars Reflector 48 LED Grow Light+27''×27''×63''Grow Tent Indoor Plant Veg Flower

Mars Reflector 48 LED Grow Light+27''×27''×63''Grow Tent Indoor Plant Veg Flower
Hope our customers not to order from non-authorized, especially personal Mars Hydro sellers. Mars Reflector 240W LED Grow Light and 27"x27"x63 Indoor Grow Tent for Plants Veg and Flower. Mars Reflector 240W LED Grow Light--Most features it's reflector design, makes 100% light output available;good grow result with cost-effective price. Mars 27"x27"x63 Indoor Grow Tent -- 100% Reflect all light from tent to plants directly; Double-thick non-toxic mylar materials, no any harmful gas released, 100% safe use; Light-proof and water-proof guaranteed; Floor tray included for gift. Application: 1Hydroponics, indoor plants, horticulture, greenhouse, garden, homegrow; 2Seedling/bud, Veg/growth, flower/ bloom, fruit; 3Commercial crops, personal growing lighting, educational research; 4Lighting, panel, lamp, kits; 5Grow tent, home box, hut, tarps, shelves.

2.5' x 2.5' (76 x 76cm). 3' x 2.5' (90 x 76cm). 3' x 2' (90 x 60cm). 4' x 4' (122 x 122cm).

3' x 3' (92 x 92cm). 3.5' x 3.5' (105 x 105cm).

4.5' x 4.5' (128 x 128cm). 1.5' x 1.5' (45 x 45cm). 4' x 2' (122 x 60cm). Description of Mars Reflector 240W LED Grow Light and 27"x27"x63 Indoor Grow Tent. 1 x Mars Reflector 240W LED Grow Light. Standarded US, EU, UK, AU, JP plugs available. Each box with one light; Discreet package guaranteed. 1 x Mars 27"x27"x63 Indoor Grow Tent. 1 x Set metal frame. 1 x Removable water-proof floor tray as free gift.

2 x Nylon belts as free gift. Item Model: Mars Reflector 240W LED Grow Light. LED Diode Quantity: 48pcs Epistar (HI-LED).

Coverage Area: 1.5' x 1.5' (45 x 45cm). Compare to HPS/MH/HID: 150 watt. Dimension: 12" x 12" x 2 (30 x 30 x 5cm). Par Value at 18: 477?

Operating Temperature: 85°F -105°F (30°C - 40°C). Spectrum: 440nm, 460nm, 630nm, 660nm, 730nm(IR), 2700k-3000k. Item Model: Mars 27"x27"x63 Grow Tent. Mesh Window Size: 7'' x 12'. Vent (Quantity/Size): 2 x 3", 2 x 6", 1 x 8.

Color: Black outside, silver inside. Tent Exterior: Heavy duty 1680D oxford cloth.

Tent Interior: 100% highly reflective mylar. Frame Material: Powder Coated Heavy Duty Steel. Additional Features: Included tray liner. Fixture hanging system: 3 steel bar hanging and bracing system. Features of Mars Reflector 240W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Panel Lamp Kit. Mars Reflector 240W LED Grow Light. With reflector design, makes 100% light output; Switchable for growth and flower stage; Easily replace 150W HPS/HID traditional grow light, produces superior yields while reducing 2/3 operational cost. High intensity output Epistar LED with Zener Protection. Upgraded LED supplys high PAR value per watt, bright solid state light, deep penetration, offers you the most advance horticultural lighting; Zener protection ensures the rest continue to operate though one LED goes out. Each light is equipped with certificated plug, high-efficent heat sink and fan, excellent for heat dissipation, no worry of fire or security threats, safe and lasting grow and long life light ensured. Mars LED grow light selects useful wavelength spectrum for plant grow with special ratios of white, blue, and red leds, higher efficient for plant growing; IR promotes flowering, it's invisible to human naked eyes not unworking. PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) is energy sources for plant life activities, organic material synthesis and yield formation. High PAR value makes high efficent photosynthesis in green plants.

We provide reliable PAR test for each light. Features of Mars 27"x27"x63 Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent Home Box Room Hut. Mars 27"x27"x63 Grow Tent. Is designed to reflect the spectrums provided by LED grow lights, collect and reflect any light emitted outside of the canopy footprint and delivers it directly back to the plant.

Quality comes first featuring double thick Mylar with 99% efficient reflective surface. Ultra-Reflective Lined Mylar for superior light reflectivity and dispersal; Completely non-toxic bug and disease resistant. Steel Construction and Premium Mylar sides.

Steel constructed with poles, fixture braces & corners; 2x stronger & thicker than the competition. Vented flaps with screens: helps maintain a light proof environment; Removable waterproof floor liner: contains spills/water within tent. Heavy Duty while Easily Move.

Supports up to 70gkg/140lb, fixture for a safe grow environment; Extremely lightweight and easy to move once constructed. Cut off power before installation for safety guarantee. Light must be under stable voltage, instability affects working life.

Operating temperature: 85°F -105°F (30°C - 40°C); Humity: 35%-55%. Keep light away from water, sulfur, acid, or it may be destroyed easily. Don't look directly at light when it's turning on, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Turn growth switch on in veg stage, turn both growth and bloom switches on in flower stage.

Full-paid at one time, several payments cannot be allowed. Before return, please take pictures first of package box and all items in box.

Please ensure the light is in perfect condition and use the original package including all accessories or gift we sent to you before. We strive to resolve all issues in a timely manner. Up to 20% of LED diodes; Up to 30% of the power supplies.

Are you authentic Mars Hydro? When will my order be dispatched? What plants can we grow with your LED Grow Lights?

Suitable for all growing stages? Our lights are suitable for all plants, like medical plants, tomotoes, lettuce, chills, eggplant, herbs and leafy vegetables, bok choy etc.

Our lights can be used in all growing stages, from seedling, veg to flowering, fruit etc. The item "Mars Reflector 48 LED Grow Light+27''×27''×63''Grow Tent Indoor Plant Veg Flower" is in sale since Monday, September 26, 2016. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Gardening Supplies\Hydroponics & Seed Starting\Grow Light Kits". The seller is "topledgrowlight-usa" and is located in Los Angeles, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Type: Grow Tent Kit
  • Brand: Mars LED Grow Light
  • MPN: Reflector 48 Grow Light+27''×27''×63''Grow Ten
  • LED Light Model: Mars Reflector 48 LED Grow Light
  • Actual Watts: 105W@110v; 102W@220v
  • Replaces HPS HID: 150 watt
  • Coverage Area: 1.5'×1.5'=45cm×45cm
  • Features: 100% Lumen Output.

    Energy Saving

  • Application: Indoor Hydroponics
  • Grow Tent Model: 27''×27''×63''=70×70×160cm
  • Outer Material: 1680D Heavy Duty Oxford Cloth
  • Inner Material: 100% Waterproof Lightproof Highly Reflective Mylar
  • Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Total Weight Capacity: 70KG/154lbs
  • Installation Area: Indoor
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Base Size: 27''×27''×63''=70×70×160cm
  • Bundle Listing: Yes
  • Wattage: 100W

Mars Reflector 48 LED Grow Light+27''×27''×63''Grow Tent Indoor Plant Veg Flower