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New 2016 240w UV V2.0 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow light Flower 3W L027

New 2016 240w UV V2.0 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow light Flower 3W L027
New 2016 240w UV V2.0 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow light Flower 3W L027
New 2016 240w UV V2.0 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow light Flower 3W L027
New 2016 240w UV V2.0 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow light Flower 3W L027
New 2016 240w UV V2.0 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow light Flower 3W L027

New 2016 240w UV V2.0 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow light Flower 3W L027
240W UV (Flowering) Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow Light V2.0. Although there were 6 versions and multiple upgrades over the 5 years of production, this represents the first complete redesign since the inception of the LED that brought 3w chips to the market. Lighthouse Hydro is one of 3 oldest LED manufacturers, and that experience and customer base has given them the opportunity to know what changes were needed and desired. Unlike the majority of LED's in the market, Blackstar V2.0 LED's are mounted directly to the aluminum heatsink and not a PCB board. All have 100% solid extruded aluminum heat-sinks which now feature radiator fins. The new series now has 4X the aluminum surface area which results in a 42% reduction in operating temperatures. This means that the LED's will last longer and suffer fewer occurrences of premature failure. There is no such thing as a perfect electronic device. If one LED completely fails, it will take out the entire series of LED's. In the past if there was a premature failure of a single LED, you had to send your entire unit back for service. The NEW 2016 Blackstar V2.0 addresses all of this. Revolutionary design has now separated the different LED series into multiple removable boards, and powered each one with it's own dedicated power supply. The connections and power requirements for each segment are also uniform.

This means you can replace modules if necessary with the removal of a few screws. If anything ever happens to your board you can simply send the module in for repair and continue to operate the grow light with the remaining boards NO DOWNTIME. You can also swap out boards for others with different light spectrums. There are a few comparisons on the Internet between various companies and their LED grow lights, you never see the Blackstar or Blackstar Chrome series in a head to head comparison because simply put, Blackstar LED's are the most powerful LED's available. In addition to the new on board design, the new chips are larger and more efficient.

Lumen and PAR output of this unit is 15% more than the previous generation. One of the most noticeable differences of the new series of Blackstar LED's is the patented reflector system which replaces the optics used in encapsulation. One of the biggest requests from customers had been to design a light that had greater penetration power and better coverage area. Cree LED engineers determined that the most efficient way to get beam angles greater than 60deg was to use reflectors rather than traditional PMMA lenses.

Not only were they more efficient (less loss of light) but they could also increase coverage in a way that lenses could not. The Blackstar V2.0 uses aluminized reflectors which are each unique to every LED on the board.

Reflectors are each custom designed and tailored to increase coverage area and keep power on the canopy. You will also notice that the reflectors on the perimeter pitch outward more than the inner ones. What this creates is a hybrid lens capable of both deep canopy penetration as well as others which now cover an unparalleled coverage area. The best part is that this new 240 Blackstar V2.0 is also more powerful while covering all that extra space.

Average PAR readings from the new light are 15% higher than the comparable original. Universal Modular Worldwide Power Supplies.

Unlike some companies, all our Blackstar's come with a universal 100v-250v 50hz/60hz power supply. We have optional plugs for almost every country. This means the blackstar is compatible with the power grid in virtually every country. In the off chance of a power supply failure, the modular design allows for a quick replacement with a standard Philipps Head Screwdriver. The majority of LED grow light companies from 3 years ago are not in existence today.

One thing you can rest assured of is that Lighthouse will be there if anything goes wrong with your LED grow light. New LED Ratio FSF (The most revolutionary upgrade). In the past companies false-advertised with greater and greater number of "bands" used in their grow lights. To the less savvy, the more bands the better. Years later "full spectrum" became the term of choice. Our new Full Cycle Flowering LED has 6 different LED chips and uses no more for a reason. Lighthouse Hydro simply has more experience than any other company when it comes to growing with LED's the FCF ratio will produce tighter node spacing in vegetative growth, and superior essential oil production in flowering. The ratio and hue is decidedly toward the red spectrum which enhances floral production. White 12,000k chips provide full spectrum coverage from 400nm all the way to 680nm.

If you look at the spectrum graph above, you will notice that the light output from the Blackstar V2 is not jagged with thin spikes. This is what is different than ANY other LED and also patent pending technology. You will NOT get this from a Chinese knockoff or garage reseller here in the USA.

The secret is the way that Lighthouse power supplies handle the LED's. Each digital power supply uses FWM (Frequency Width Modulation) to make the spectrum of the LED enhanced for far superior response. Traditionally, an LED which was 660nm would be just 660nm +/- 5nm, as you can see from the spectrum graph above, Lighthouse Hydro has been able to modulate the LED's to produce a wider spectrum +/- 20nm.

The light output of the new Blackstar V2 dominates the competition. There has never been an LED grow light that has ourperformed a Blackstar LED in any comparison test dollar for dollar. We use better components than those designed in China and we keep a margin lower than any other North American or European company.

Simply put, you would be hard pressed to find any light capable of outperforming a Blackstar LED given a specific budget. Size: 15.75" x 8.375". Coverage Area: 3' x 2' (6 Square Feet). Number of LED's: 80. Modular Power Cord (Available in US, UK, EU, AU). FROM THE USA, North American Based Hydro Company. 20% More PAR thank other companies 1w & 3w LED. Larger Heat Sink & Fans = Cooler Running = Longer Life. More Energy Efficient & Higher Light Output. Producing LED Grow Lights For Over 7 years (One of the first to manufacture effective LEDs). Computer Generated PAR optimized 60deg, 90deg, 120deg custom LED beam angles. Cornell University refined grow spectrum. Over 10,000 successful grows.

NO BS guarantee, No False Claims! Producing LED Grow Lights Since 2007. 7 years may not sound like a long time, but Lighthouse Hydro was one of the original three companies to have a dedicated production line of LED grow lights.

They opened their factory in 2007 and now produce more LED Grow lights monthly than any other company in the world. What this means for the consumer is more experience and a trusted name. Lighthouse Hydro is a US company that has their own factory (Lighthouse Shangkong LTD) in China. While many LEDs may look similar, only Lighthouse has control over the components and care of construction. By having such a vested interest in the LED grow light industry and manufacturing process, Lighthouse is able to produce a high quality product at an excellent price. No false Claims - No BS Guarantee. Over the last 7 years the LED grow light industry has had an amazing number of false claims from manufacturers and sellers. Be wary of LEDs that have promises that are "too good to be true".

Many LEDs claim to cover far too many square feet, or have useless light spectrums (green, orange, etc). Lighthouse Hydro gives you exactly what you pay for - A great light at a great price. Cornell Developed Grow Spectrum & Beam Angle.

Lighthouse Hydro created the worlds first 6 spectrum grow light. In the era of 2 band and 3 band LEDs Lighthouse Hydro pioneered the development and research into the effectiveness of additional wavelength and their positive effects on growing. While many others try and duplicate, none have done the research. This couldnt be farther from the truth.

Lighthouse Hydro uses the bands and the ratios that it does specifically because they have been proven to work. If a wavelength is not in a Lighthouse Hydro LEDs, there is a good reason why not.

Typically extra wavelengths result in wasted light, energy, and electricity. Lights that use all 60deg LEDs are too focused and do not cover enough space to be effective. Lights that use all 120deg LEDs do not have the focused beams that make the flowers pop. A combination of 60, 90 and 120 degree LEDs are used in Lighthouse lights to maximize coverage while giving the focused light intensity that growers enjoy. What's the deal with 2w and 3w LEDs?

In terms of actual PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) output, the 2w and 3w LEDs produce more usable light when compared with the 1w LEDs. This also means that they will penetrate better.

That said, in terms of efficiency the 1w chips are more efficient in Watts / PAR Flux. Overall, the 2w and 3w chips are incredibly bright and allow you to get the additional boost of more power with a lower initial cost. How Many Plants will this light cover? We do not exaggerate any claims.

Coverage is limited by the physical size of the unit. Our suggested coverage for this light is about 6 Square Feet (3' x 2'). How does this light compare with HID lighting performance? We sell HID lighting too, so there is no use in us claiming anything that is not 100% true. You can look forward to paying back the cost of the light in electricity savings over about 12 months of use. The most common error made when using LEDs is that people do not use enough of them. Follow the guidelines for recommended coverage area, and your LEDs will impress you with their yield. The much reduced heat output of LEDs when compared with HPS/MH bulbs also substantially reduces the risk of a fire hazard, especially in an enclosed space. Does this light put off much heat? LEDs are the most efficient lights in existence today. They produce so little heat; you can actually let the plant touch the light (although it's not recommended - as you will reduce the size of your growing area).

Any heat produced by the unit is absorbed by the heat sink and disippated by the fans in the rear of the light. What makes this LED different? Lighthouse Hydro uses quality components, better LED diodes, and is a reliable company. All together, this produces an LED grow light that outshines and outlasts the competition.

This is the only LED we sell in our storefront because it is the only one that has proven its success. Why are you the best company to order this from?

Read about us in the Forums. We do not cut corners and never make claims that are not legitimate No... A 90w LED will not replace a 400w HPS. Just give us a call and decide for yourself. We love LEDs, but we also sell HPS, MH, T5, and CFL.

We know the advantages and disadvantages of all lighting products, and never make claims that are not 100% valid and true. Inferior LED chips, exaggerated coverage area, etc. We are a brick and mortar Hydro distributor, with over 15 years of hands on experience in the industry.

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  • Type: LED (Light Emiting Diode)
  • Brand: Lighthouse Hydro
  • MPN: L027
  • Wattage: 240 W
  • UPC: 609788082989

New 2016 240w UV V2.0 Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow light Flower 3W L027