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Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling

Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling
Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling
Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling
Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling
Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling

Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling

These light are like new and will grow your plants and veggies like nothing you have ever seen. The Electric Sky ES300 is a flagship, high-power grow light. For only 300 watts, it is blazingly intense. Ll bring a smile to the face of any home or commercial grower as it beams huge amounts of wideband light energy to plants below. Ll appreciate the rapid plant response from seed to flower.

Light to where your plants need intense grow power the most? Reducing light lost to aisles and walls while increasing canopy penetration. The included dimming kit lets you easily? The perfect intensity for your garden.

And, the distributed design allows for close canopy deployment without burning your plants for maximum headroom. Growers look to the Electric Sky for the best possible growing experience because of the ability to send light exactly where they want it, with a spectrum that encourages a satisfying plant response. With this LED technology, you can achieve maximum.

Rivaling the best traditional HID grow systems. Count on excellent trichrome development and a strong terpene profile with an Electric Sky over your plants.

Get big yields of top-shelf product again and again? How You Can Achieve Enviously LARGE Harvests with LED Lighting. Home grower or professional producer who expects quality results and demands a high-yield crop with a. Re in the right place. Re growing your own, you? Re looking to get a consistent, high-quality yield grow after grow.

And you want lighting that will make it easy to get great results with a healthy and vigorous plant response. After doing your research, you may be confused with all of the different shapes, colors, and sizes of lighting options out there. You may wonder how and if they?

Re not alone with these types of questions, and it? S why we embarked on creating the. Ll see what I mean. S worse is that many of these inexpensive LED units are. Watt-for-watt than traditional bulb lighting.

And in fact, will underperform them. You may have even tried one of these units yourself, and been disappointed with the low quality results. T be more efficient than standard lighting, or get quality results, then what?

S the point of growing with LED? What A Wideband Color Output Does to Plant Growth. Pulls a true 300 watts from the wall, and its wideband spectrum has been proven time and time again in side-by-side tests to achieve equal or better results than HID with. Yes, going with LED will save you energy, but it also presents an opportunity for us to craft a spectrum designed for.

T believe in continuing the tradition of? LEDs leave out important colors, or try to achieve a spectrum that sips the least power on paper. What they neglect is that plants sense a wide range of colors in their environment to achieve their greatest potential.

The wideband spectrum used in the. Replicates some of the Sun?

Wavelengths for growth power, with a balanced color ratio to instruct plants to grow in a shape that maximizes yield. With the unique high-dosage of near-infrared light, large flowers initiate sooner, vegetation grows faster, and the plant makes more efficient use of light from what is known as the Emerson Effect? You and put fun into your indoor garden.

Ll see as your plants respond quickly to the single spectrum from seed through flower. S no need to confuse your plants by switching spectrums or swapping bulbs between veg and flower with the.

Its spectrum is designed for maximum results in all stages of growth. Many of our growers report accelerated growth and improved plant response just days after replacing their old lighting with the. An important aspect of growing with artificial lighting is sending light to where your plants.

And away from places where they. Why waste light sending it to places where it isn? T used by your plants?

Its linear lenses make directing light an easy task. They focus brightness away from your eyes and onto your plants with just enough intensity and power. It spreads light in a? S a snug fit to any grow area. Ll want one light for a rectangular grow area, and two lights for an equal square.

Re looking for the best full spectrum LED grow light, using the. Is like putting your entire crop on steroids! Thousands of growers all over the world trust Electric Sky LEDs to power their garden.

SAFE, WORRY FREE, AND EASY TO USE: No hot bulbs to deal with, just plug in and grow! The ES300 is designed to produce an intense but inviting light environment for your plants. Instead of light splashing into your eyes like other grow systems, the Electric Sky directs light downwards and towards your plants, increasing efficiency and light intensity. GIVE YOUR PLANTS THE CORRECT LIGHT INFORMATION: When plants don? T have enough infrared light, they? LEDs fail to provide plants with enough usable near-infrared light. Red & IR flower power that accelerates vegetative growth speed and encourages heavy flower weight. Each ES300 panel creates a SKY to flower a 2?

Area up to a 3? More than one expands the rectangular footprint to a square, giving you the option to angle and adjust each unit to evenly illuminate your plant canopy as it grows. MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR HEADROOM : Near-field lighting gets our ES300 only 12-18? From your plant canopy without burning.

This means you can grow. Even in spaces with limited headroom. No more worrying how far grow lights should be from plants? GET YIELDS EDGE-TO-EDGE & NO HOTSPOTS: Distributed LEDs and special linear lenses shine light all the way into the far corners of your garden, keeping your entire garden. ACHIEVE TOP-TO-BOTTOM FULL PLANT DEVELOPMENT. Activates growth beneath the canopy with penetrating spectrum colors so you can harvest more usable product from the top to bottom of your plant. SILENT, PASSIVE COOLING: No moving parts to make noise or break down the road.

Uses only 300 watts of energy for 500 watts of HID growing power with. BUILT TO LAST: Other LED units are flimsy and fragile, or have exposed LEDs, unprotected from the residue in your plant environment or from an accidental?

The Electric Sky is constructed out of a solid piece of aluminum, and its easy-to-clean lenses protect the LEDs, so you never have to worry about accidental damage to your investment? Thousands of growers across the world have come to love the directed light output, specialized wideband spectrum, and fully dimmable intensity offered by the Electric Sky for a growing experience that is second to none. Full spectrum for rapid vegetative growth and heavy flower yield. Linear lenses prevent light loss, increase canopy penetration and intensify growth power. See plants in true color with light directed away from your eyes. Full light intensity adjustment for all stages of plant growth?

Control multiple lights at once with included daisy-chain dimming kit. Silent operation & passively cooled with no moving parts.

Fits grow tents or expands to any area. 1x ES300 will flower a 2? 2x ES300 will flower a 4?

Premium, heavy duty & solid construction with LEDs protected by easy-clean lenses. Of 1000W HPS using only 600 watts? Saving 40% on energy costs. Grower-proven results for peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens, and exotic flowering plants. Dimmer and Daisy Chain Kit Included.

36L x 12W x 2.4H in / 22lbs. Power Cord Length & Type. Compatible with C13 Plugs and Adapters (Standard Power Cords).

Flowering Hang Distance / Coverage. Vegetative Hang Distance / Coverage. 70,000+ Hours [16 yrs flower / 10.6 yrs veg]. ETL, CSA, CE, RoHS, RCM Listed for Worldwide Use. Efficacy is measured at board level and measured from 300-780nm.

Efficiency increases as the fixture is dimmed. Wideband diodes create near red and infrared light above 680nm, critical nutrients to plant growth.

The Electric Sky 300 projects light in a rectangular footprint with its linear lenses. The modular design will allow you to scale multiple ES300 units to evenly illuminate your grow area. The item "Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling" is in sale since Tuesday, August 4, 2020. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living\Hydroponics & Seed Starting\Grow Light Kits". The seller is "danksinatraglassworks" and is located in Bridge City, Texas.

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  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Wattage: 300 W
  • Installation Area: Indoor
  • Type: Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • MPN: ES300
  • Brand: Green Sunshine Corporation

Electric Sky ES 300 LED Grow Lights Veg Flower High Yeilds CBD THC Vape Rolling